What Happened to Our Winter?

For those of us in Southern California, the Central Valley, and particularly in Bakersfield, you have probably noticed that we kind of aren’t really getting a real winter this year. Sure, some of you out there may not like the cold are are enjoying the mild temperatures, but guess what? Most bugs don’t like winter either. Lots of them die off when the weather gets cold. What does this mean for homeowners?

As exciting as it is for those of us in the Pest Control business, it is somewhat of a frightening thought for those of you out there that are afraid of bugs, or just don’t like them. When we have an unusually warm winter, the bugs that normally die off are able to survive and thrive. It’s almost a guarantee that this will happen again this year. More ants, termites, etc., than you are used to seeing. They will be out looking for new food sources and expanding their nests. If you treat your property correctly, you can get through that initial spring invasion easily.  If you see any undesirable pests already, we suggest you call us immediately before they really establish themselves.

Interestingly enough, there are also some beneficial insects that do not benefit from the warm climate. Take Honeybees for example. When spring comes early, the bees spend the winter eating their food supply instead of hibernating. They quickly run out of food and at the same time, start reproducing because of the warm weather. They go out to search for more food, and since it does not really spring yet, there aren’t any or enough flowers around for the bees to feed on. Since they can’t run down to the 7-11, or to Taco Bell, they are simply out of luck. Wild bees are especially devastated by this phenomenon.  With all the mysterious hive die-offs we’ve been seeing, this makes things even worse. As I’ve said before, we love bees so much, we even keep some of the bees that we rescue from our customers.

This year, we are expecting a large increase in the number of calls for termites and ants, aphids, spider mites, spiders, and ticks (which are also arachnids like spiders). Since we are well aware of what is going on with the environment and how it affects different species, we are prepared to handle the increase. Our technicians are highly trained to treat your home or office for any pest problem you might have, so you can have confidence that we will get the job done. If you or anyone you know has a pest problem, give Oxley Pest a call at (661) 270-7738.