How Do You Get Rid of Racoons Without Poison?

raccoonJust because they’re cute, doesn’t mean you want them around. We work in the pest control industry and we still think raccoons are kinda cute. That doesn’t mean anybody wants them scavenging in their yards or rummaging through their garbage for food.

Raccoons can be aggressive and ferocious, and they’re quite intelligent. They are also carriers of many diseases such as rabies that can kill your pets. You rarely see these creatures because they are nocturnal so they come out to scavenge when you’re sleeping. At Oxley Pest, we don’t like to poison these critters. We prefer to capture them and release them into the wilderness, far away from people. We feel that it’s the most humane thing to do. Using poison can end up killing a creature that you didn’t intend, such as a family pet. We have special traps that we can put out that work extremely well, and we come back when they are filled up to relocate the creature to a more suitable environment.

Believe it or not, Raccoons can be beneficial to humans because they consume pesky insects, and mice, but their health and environmental problems are too numerous to overlook. Here are a few things you can do to discourage these cute creatures from causing problems in your yard:

  • Seal off any openings where Raccoons can enter chicken coops or chimneys. Check periodically for signs of raccoon presence (scat, or property defacing)
  • Secure your garbage can lid to the can with a bungee cord, or put your garbage can inside a locked shed.
  • Never leave pet food out.
  • Don’t adopt raccoons (or any other wild animal) as pets.

By following this simple advice, you can prevent raccoons from wanting to come into your yard because you won’t be offering anything they want. If you do find yourself with one or more raccoons causing problems in your yard, give us a call at (661) 270-7738, and we’ll come out and trap them for you.

In addition to Raccoons, we can trap almost any animal except bears. If a bear causes damage to your home or property, contact the Department of Fish and Game. We also can’t trap dogs because they are not technically considered a pest. For dogs, you need to call Kern County animal control at (661) 321-3000 or go to their website at but just about anything else like Bats, Cats, Skunks and even Alligators and Mountain Lions can be trapped by us!