Flea Control Tips With David Oxley

Here’s our new video that contains tips on flea control.


Hi, I’m David Oxley with Oxley Pest control. Right now it’s flea season. Fleas love to come out and they thrive between 70 and 80 degrees with 70 to 80% humidity, and springtime is wonderful for that. What we need you to do is think about where your fleas are coming from. We need to deal with the source first which may be your cat or dog. If you don’t have either of those, you need to do a search around your house to see if they are getting g underneath your house or up in your attic. many wild animals can carry those as well. Unfortunately fleas don’t disappear overnight. It will take 2 to 3 weeks for them to disappear. We’ll need to come in and do a spray which will have a growth regulator and a knock down. We want to knock the adults down and the babies we want to use a growth regulator so they can’t mature into adults. One of the tricks with fleas that you want to remember is that fleas sit in a tiny cocoon and they don’t come out of the cocoon until they feel vibration. So when somebody walks into the house they feel the vibration and pop out and hop towards the vibration.  Knowing this, after we spray we need you to vacuum every day for 2 weeks. This does 2 things. It cleans up the adult fecal material which the larvae feed on, and it also causes vibration will have the mature fleas pop out and go towards the vacuum and get into the material we have put down. You also have to treat the animals around with anything that might get rid of fleas like Advantage or Frontline, and a lot of other products that your Veterinarian suggests to you. when  you do this, in a bout 2 to 3 weeks, the fleas will disappear. If we’re being diligent, and again if you don’t have any animals, we need to figure out what wild or domestic animals are sneaking in around your house. Give Oxley Pest a call at (661) 270-7738 to set up an appointment. For more information go to www.oxleypest.com