Bakersfield Gopher Control – The Rodenator!

GopherHave you ever seen those unsightly piles of fluffy dirt in your yard, maybe even next to a small hole? That is a sure sign that you have gophers, moles, ground squirrels or some other subterranean critter. They can cause lots of damage to your landscaping, garden, and can even cause broken bones if someone steps into the hole accidentally.

At Oxley Pest Control, we know that there are a number of ways you can take care of your rodent problem. There are plenty of traps and poisons available at your local hardware store, but is that the best answer? We certainly don’t think so.

Traps are effective, but most of them are cruel and slow to kill the rodent. I don’t know about you, but we think the cruelest thing you could do is badly injure an animal and let it die slowly in a trap. Even worse would be having to dispose of an animal that is trapped and not even injured. Once the animal is trapped, there’s still the system of tunnels left there so the next rodent that comes by has a home already for them to move in. There is a better way.

Poisons can also be effective, but they present a different problem. Pets and children can find the poison and ingest it and it also stays in the ground for a long time. Either yours or your neighbors Cats can get a hold of a poisoned rodent and it could make them ill or even kill them. Just like traps, the tunnels still remain in tact for the next rodents to come along. We never use poison on Rodents. There’s a better way.

The Rodenator

We have this great new tool called The Rodenator that is the ultimate method of getting rid of burrowing rodents. Not only does The Rodenator kill the rodent quickly, but it collapses the system of tunnels (galleries) that the rodents dig and live in. This also has the benefit of preventing new rodents from moving in. We fill the tunnel with gas and ignite it, concussing the rodent and colapsing the tunnel. It’s so safe to use, we can deploy it next to sidewalks, patios, house foundations, you name it. We’re proud to say that we have been able to rid the local Bakersfield Parks of rodents and their tunnels safely and effectively.

Our friends over at DB and Company came out and shot this video of the Rodenator at work. Please take a moment and enjoy our video.