First Comes the Heat, Then Come the Cockroaches

School is now over in most of Kern County. With Summer vacation here, that means the heat of the afternoon sun is here as well. We are all too familiar with what happens during this time of year. As experts in Bakersfield Pest Control, we know that the cockroaches will be multiplying and searching out new places to invade in search for food, water and shelter.

thermometer Not only do we want your pest control business, but we also want to help you with suggestions on how to keep cockroaches from invading in the first place. Cockroaches are pretty creative when they search out what they need, so keep this in mind. Cockroaches are looking for 3 things: food, water and a place to hide. The first thing you must consider is reducing all food and water sources. If you keep your kitchen and bathroom(s) clean, there is nothing for roaches to eat or drink. Make sure you clean dirty dishes promptly. Remove trash from your home regularly and use a tight fitting lid and trash can liners. Eliminate plumbing leaks and other sources of free moisture. Increase ventilation where water condenses. Vacuum regularly to remove food and other debris.

Next you want to reduce or remove hiding places. Cockroaches like to hide during the day and will find anywhere they can to hide. Around water heaters, in cupboards, cracks, stoves, crawl spaces, outdoor vegetation and many other dark locations. Limiting these hiding spaces and access to your living space is essential. Locate and seal cracks, use weather stripping on doors and windows as well as inspecting items that were recently in storage that you bring into your home. Remove trash from around the outside of buildings and stored items like firewood that cockroaches love to hide in. Trim shrubbery around buildings to allow light and air circulation. Eliminate ivy and other dense ground cover near the house. Consider keeping a layer of gravel about 6-12 inches wide around the perimeter of buildings.

Beyond these preventative steps, if you still find yourself with cockroaches invading your living space or commercial building, give us a call at (661) 270-7738 and you’ll see why we are your Bakersfield Pest Control experts. Our friendly knowledgeable technicians use a very thorough 3 phase process to eliminate roaches from your home or commercial building. At Oxley Pest Control, we are more concerned with your health and well being than making a few more dollars in profit. Don’t waste your time and money with inexperienced companies that do little more than spray everything in sight with chemicals. Contact Oxley Pest Control today and we’ll show you why we’re the best Pest Control company in Bakersfield.