Pest Control Is Fun!

Here at Oxley Pest Control, we love our work. We get to help families and businesses control their pest problems and keep their environment healthy. Pests can spread lots of different types of bacteria and disease. By controlling the pests, we can greatly reduce or eliminate these vectors from causing you harm. Let’s spend a few minutes and go over some of the features that we provide as a service.

Identifying the Problem.

Before we start spraying, we talk with our clients and take a look around to identify any problem areas and to identify the type of pests we are dealing with. If you have ants, we would use a certain type of material that is really good at controlling ants, but may not do anything to control spiders, or let’s say rodents. Each building has its own unique pest problem, so if we use the wrong material, we’ll end up coming back which isn’t good for us and it certainly isn’t good for you.

Taking Corrective Measures.

After we identify the pests that need to be “taken care of” we begin to take corrective measures. We may give you some advise on steps you can take to eliminate some of the areas on your premises that can harbor pests, such as tall weeds, rubbish, wood piles, and so on. After that, we begin our process of treating the area with the proper materials for your unique problem. We also clear all the eaves of spider webs and debris.

Problem Solved, Right?

Once we treat the area of concern for the unique pest problem that you have, we are not finished. We prefer that our clients sign up for a service plan that will allow us to keep coming back regularly and make sure that your pests don’t decide to come back and re-populate. If you allow us to do this, we guarantee that you will be happy with our service. We have many satisfied customers to prove it.

If you’re looking for the best company for Pest Control in Bakersfield, look no further than Oxley Pest.