Spring Is Here and the Ants Are Marching 1 by 1

The trees are turning green again, the flowers are starting to bloom, I can hear people sneezing where ever I go. It must be spring (or close to it)! With spring time here, we know this is our busiest time of year. All of the bugs that have been hibernating in your living space are waking up from their winter slumbers or hatching a new army that is ready to invade.

Ant HillIf you see one of these, either run or call us!

The picture above is a pretty common site here in Bakersfield and the rest of Southern California. For those of you wondering, it’s an ant hill. Beneath this tiny little pile of sifted dirt is a maze of tubes going deep into the ground. There are many chambers for little ant critters and their offspring to hide, breed, eat and thrive. Ant colonies can be way bigger than you would think just by looking at the few hundred that come out of that one little ant hole. Ant colonies have many different entrances and exits or rather escape routes.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to controlling ant colonies is what type of ant you have. They are not all alike, and some species even attack other species. Certain species that we have in Southern California like the Argentine ant have multiple queens in each colony. If they feel threatened by certain chemicals that you can buy at your local hardware or (gasp!) grocery store, the queens will split up the colony and start rebuilding. Before you know it, you have 2 or more colonies to deal with. In the long run this makes your problem worse. To the ants, it becomes a war whether or not you think it is. Unless you like spending your free time constantly dealing with this problem, we suggest you call an expert such as your friends down at Oxley Pest Control.

Once the weather starts getting hotter, the ants get even more excited. Many evenings in Bakersfield are met with swarming ants. This is a sure sign you have a problem. At Oxley Pest Control, we are experts at completely getting rid of ant colonies. We have some great material we can apply that is safe for your family, and like magic it makes the ants disappear. Don’t wait until you are overrun and your life is miserable just because of a few million ants. Call us today at (661) 270-7738.